This is a very personal thing to the Hale family as they know what families face who go through transplant. When a child needs a transplant, they are literally stripped of all of their immune system. They have no way of fighting anything off, therefore are extremely compromised. To properly care for a child during and after transplant, cleanliness is absolutely essential and cannot be compromised. Families are asked by the hospital to purchase new mattresses, clean clothes (a certain way and at a certain temperature), hepa filters for the entire house, and are strongly encouraged to purchase a hepa vacuum for the home. The child may not leave the house without wearing gloves and a hard mask to prevent inhaling pollutants and environmental allergens, etc. Before the child can be released post transplant, a family has to have their home cleaned thoroughly, have their carpets and flooring cleaned meticulously and the air ducts throughout the home cleaned out as well.

  • PCFF’s goal in this area is to practically come alongside these families by providing a transplant package. This involves having their homes professionally cleaned which includes carpets and air ducts. Also a part of this package are four hepa filters that the family can return to PCFF after their use in the 100 days post transplant so other families can benefit from them. This relieves a huge burden from the shoulders of parents and frees them up to provide some of the other needs for their family, especially the child fighting.


Please click here to donate!    –    $100/month for a year will provide a transplant package for one family.