Beautiful beach baby Kacey Risher was innocently enjoying a warm Florida day in early April 2014, as any five year old deserves to, when a normal fall at the sprinkler park turned into a nightmare.  She managed to chip a bone near her knee.  When it didn’t behave itself and heal further examination showed a tumor was the problem.  Osteosarcoma (Bone Cancer) was the diagnosis.  Things forever changed for her entire family, but Kacey fought back.  Instead of finishing kindergarten with her friends and going to the beach with her cousins, Kacey and her mom practically moved into the hospital and endured three months of chemotherapy and all the horrible side effects that come with it.

Instead of starting first grade and learning to ride a bike, Kacey underwent an amazing surgery called a rotationplasty.  The surgery removed the tumor and unsalvageable knee and turned the remaining healthy leg backwards and reattached it.  Her ankle became her new knee and she was  fitted for a prosthetic to be her new foot.

After the surgery, five more months of chemotherapy challenged and dared any further cancerous cells to stick around.  The treatment worked. Kacey finished chemo in January 2015 and test results show no evidence of disease.  Kacey did it, but it’s not over for her.  Believe it or not, now the real challenges begin.  Her family is still trying to recover from the traumatic year and survive the fear and anxiety that any bumps, bruises or sniffles will send them back into that nightmare.  Her mother says, “Kacey will never quit, and she will succeed.”

She is working to regain her strength and has finally been cleared to put weight on her new and improved leg and begin working with the prosthetic.  She is trying to catch up with her class and maybe get to go to the second grade in the fall.  She is strong, scrappy, silly, successful, and has very strong faith that with God all things are possible.  Their six year old is a hero.