From the very beginning, we want families to know that PCFF wants to walk with them through the upcoming battle. They are not alone!  We seek to assist each family in these ways…

  • At diagnosis, each family is given a bag from PCFF which includes travel sized personal hygiene products (shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste), a mini notebook/pen for notes during rounds with the doctors, a bookmark sized cheat sheet which includes the most common terms used across the board in pediatric cancer, and a business card with the invitation to contact Kurt or Karina Hale at anytime, whether day or night.


  • We have learned that many families do not like to leave their child’s bedside long enough to go downstairs and wait in line at the cafeteria for a meal. There are also several families in situations that cause them to be admitted for very long periods of time (months on end). It is very hard for them to have the means to pay for food every single meal, every single day. There is a common gathering place where families of the patient gather, the Family Room. They make phone calls there, get their cries out, and grab a bite to eat. PCFF assists by providing groceries in the family room that are not only easy for the parents to grab and go, but are also the healthiest, energy packed food possible. This is meeting a huge need for these families!


  • For families that are admitted for long periods of time, PCFF also provide gift cards to the four restaurants that deliver to Jacksonville’s children’s hospital. This makes it very easy for the family by taking away the burden of figuring out how they’re going to get sustenance or how they’re going to pay for it.


  • We also provide CD players for every room on the hematology/oncology floors along with CDs of soothing lullabies. This is not only very comforting for the kids, but it also drowns out all of the noises at night and allows them to get more undisturbed rest!


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