Filling the Cupboards with Hope

Every week when we come back to stock, these cabinets are EMPTY! I know I’ve shared how meaningful this food is to families, but let me share a couple of recent testimonies from guardians of kids.
One mom walked in two weeks ago as we were stocking and, through many tears, choked out how grateful she was to just come in and get a drink. In the bible there is a scripture that says, “If you give even a cup of cold water to one of my followers, you will surely be rewarded.” What a blessing your financial gifts are to these parents that just a drink would drive them to tears!
Another woman came in this past Monday. Her grandson has just relapsed for the third time with brain tumors. She talked to us about his short life full of treatment. You could see her broken heart. This is the first time, though, that they’ve been admitted with this service provided. She talked about how thankful she was to not have to go hungry anymore, but to be able to run down here and grab something quickly to take back to the room. She marveled that almost everything was healthy, grabbed an apple and a couple of other things, and then headed back to her grandsons room.
THIS is the ministry you’re a part of! Blessing real lives with tangible needs. It still blows my mind thatt some of these parents have been forced to go hungry! Will you ponder that, and perhaps consider making a donation?
Follow this link and choose: stocking/hospital needs.

-Karina Hale


Filling the Cupboards