Meet the Founders:

Kurt & Karina Hale

The Lord has led us into a new world that is FULL of ministry needs, FULL of hurting people, and FULL of hopelessness. Thankfully, we carry the message of HOPE!!! The Lord has really impressed in our hearts to continue in this cancer world, though we don’t need to on Seth’s behalf, because these families NEED him and because we can relate with EXACTLY where they are. Pediatric Cancer Family Foundation is a tool to provide for the practical, but even more importantly, the spiritual needs of the families in their battle, from beginning to end. We tend to their relationships, by offering marriage building weekends, tend to their hearts by offering counseling for the parents and siblings of the patient, and always bear the name of Christ as we walk alongside them in this valley.


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Meet the Board Members:

Bryan McNair- Board Member

I’ve been married to my beautiful wife Stacey for thirty years.  We have two full grown children who are both married and serving the Lord.  For the past eight years, I have been serving as one of the Pastors at Hibernia Baptist Church and spend much of my time counseling married couples.  Today more than ever, marriages are under attack and experience stress levels difficult to bear.  When cancer moves into a child’s life, parents find themselves at their breaking point and often don’t know where to turn.  That’s why I’m deeply passionate to serve alongside the amazing staff at PCFF.  Here, I am able to help them meet the needs of hurting families who desire real healing and lasting hope.

Jamey Peacock- Board Member

Vice President of Business Development at TMM, she has a heart for giving.  One constant hold for all organizations to which Jamey gives his time: the goal of helping families, especially children.  Jamey became involved in the fight against pediatric cancer when he witnessed firsthand the battle fought by “Super Seth” Hale and the impact on the Hale family.  Along with his wife, Sheena, and their five children, Jamey sought to provide support and assistance to the Hale family.  Now, through the Pediatric Cancer Family Foundation, he welcomes the opportunity to team with others and help lessen the burden on families impacted by pediatric cancer.

Kristan Peavy- Board Member

I live in North Carolina where I seek to fulfill my greatest calling as a wife and mother of two children. My heart to serve on the Board of Directors for the Pediatric Cancer Family Foundation came after visiting a pediatric oncology floor and walking beside the Hale family as they identified family needs during their own journey through cancer. I saw the many places where God has left the door wipe open for ministry and look forward to helping PCFF walk through them. May we be equipped to share the love of Christ by coming alongside families, marriages, siblings, and children who are fighting cancer. I pray their burdens are lighter as we seek to pour out love in tangible, practical, and heartfelt ways.” I am a graduate of Georgia College and State University with a B.S. in Early Childhood Education. I am currently an independent writer and curriculum developer.

Krista Risher- Board Member

I am a women of God, a wife, and a mother.  I worked in the dental field most of my adult life until my 6 year old daughter Kacey was diagnosed with Cancer in 2014.   In the blink of an eye, our world was completely turned upside down and I then became her full time caregiver.  It was a rough and long year but I am thrilled to be able to say that she is now cancer free. We won!!! I currently spend my time trying to get her caught up as a first grader and helping her to become as independent as possible after her Rotationplasty surgery.   The surgery to remove the tumor in her leg has left her needing to learn how to walk again with the help of a prosthetic leg.  Because of what my family has gone through, as well as how much help and support we received through our journey, it is now my new passion to pay it forward and do whatever I can to help these other families battling this horrible disease.  Trust me, it is a battle that not only the cancer child fights, but the whole family.  This journey has really helped me appreciate all of my many blessings and has encouraged me to live life day by day, minute by minute to the fullest.

Michelle Smith- Board Member

I have passion for pediatric cancer and this foundation for several reasons. First, God has called all of us to serve those in need. Second, I believe this foundation has a solid vision that will impact/change lives for the Kingdom’s sake.  Third, watching Seth and his family’s story unfold changed my heart in so many ways. God grew me through this journey. He called me out to serve (walk with the Hales), educated me on childhood cancer, stretched my heart for those going through similar cancer battles, and brought me to my knees crying out in prayer for specific needs. He showed me how it’s worth investing in Him, and it truly does make a difference when we act and believe. I’m excited to help this foundation grow, and watch others being drawn closer to Him because of it. I’m overjoyed and honored to serve on this board, because I know so many families will be blessed. They will see for themselves God is the driving force of Pediatric Cancer Family Foundation, and it’s ALL because of HIM!!!!

Kristin Stamp – Treasurer 

I am a working wife and very proud mother of two beautiful children. In March of 2014 my world was forever changed when my seven year old nephew was diagnosed with Hypodiploid Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. We walked through this dark cancer world with my brother and sister’s family, watching the effects of the chemo, radiation and bone marrow transplant. I have a growing desire to stay involved with families who are fighting these same horrifying battles. I want to fight with them. The Pediatric Cancer Family Foundation is here to provide families with the necessities and support they need during their darkest days and I couldn’t feel more honored to be part it. I look forward to serving with PCFF and making a small difference in the lives of families with such great needs.

Jennifer Torres – Board Member

I am a wife to an awesome husband and the mother of two handsome boys, which is my full-time job.  I am Kurt and Karina Hale’s sister, the founders of this foundation.
In March of 2014, my whole world was shaken when we received the news of my sweet seven year old nephew was diagnosed with Hypodiploid Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. God carried our family through many trials throughout the course of that year, but He also allowed our eyes to be opened to a whole new world that we probably never would have known or fully understood otherwise. It has been truly amazing to see some of the vision that God has given to this family to help others in their darkest hours. Pediatric Cancer Family Foundation is reaching out to families in ways other organizations have never thought to! I can’t wait to see what God will do through them and am so blessed to be a part of this incredible ministry!

Sarah VanLandingham- Secretary

My husband Mark and I have two children, Bradley (6) and Bentley (4). Pediatric cancer has impacted our lives by touching two families very close and dear to us. It is my prayer and desire to see the Lord move and change lives through PCFF.


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