A Year in Review

PCFF 2015 Year In Review:

We want to give you an overview of where funds have gone this past year! Many thanks to you, we have blown our year one projections out of the water!!! You will notice our projections and then what we were actually able to give. We mention these to let you know that our intention was to do what we offered WELL, not necessarily in abundance but with excellence!

As we mention all that’s been done, we want to preface by saying, these are not merely words on a page. These funds represent time spent, relationships established, lives changed. They represent kids lives and valiant battles, families that have faced the unimaginable, marriages that have survived and marriages that have crumbled… These are the reasons we have done what we’ve done. And for the over 15,000 kids that will be diagnosed this year, we will continue practically helping these families not just survive, but thrive!

  • We stocked the family room of Wolfson Children’s Hospital with groceries 46 times! Our goal was only 26! This is something that has never been done until we started doing it! This is a staple of PCFF and such a practical help for the families admitted in the hospital!
  • We gave away 5 transplant packages! Our goal was one! This is our most costly service, but it removes such a load off of the backs of the families walking through the reality of transplant by taking care of all the major cleaning for their home and up to 4 hepa filters!
  • We gave away one marriage retreat! Our goal with offering a marriage retreat to a couple is to provide an all expense paid weekend to a couple needing a retreat. A time to get away and focus on each other. We provide gas, food and hotel so the couple can focus on their marriage and have no out of pocket expense if they so choose. With a divorce rate of 82% to 90%, you can see why this service is not only necessary but could be a marriage saver!
  • Our goal this year was to create bags with all of the parents personal hygiene needs taken care of, as well as a notebook and a cheat sheet with common terms they will need help learning and understanding (formed with help from one of our oncologists), and cards with an open ended offer to contact us at any time. Those were handed out to Wolfson Children’s Hospital and have been very successful.
  • We held two events this year. One was a kick off dinner to spread the word to those in our community about what we are accomplishing and the other was a 5k and fun run to raise awareness for pediatric cancer and PCFF. Both were a huge success and we are so thankful for those who participated in both events!
  • We held one gathering of all the local cancer families. This was a time to be together and recount all God had done in our lives. To watch our kids play and not be overly concerned about germs, even though extra precautions were still taken. The surroundings provided safety for families to bare their hearts about their journey, knowing everyone there understood.
  • Sadly, wind chimes were provided to 14 families this year. That is a number that breaks my heart. This is something that we feel is a sweet way to remember children who have fought so hard and have been ultimately healed. As constant as the wind blows, may their memories be to those left behind. Please pray for these families.
  • There are many, many more things that were done this year. Too many to recount and some too personal to share. Small things to share the burden and big things to bless.

May 2016 bring continued ministry. Our only goal is to serve God by loving and serving people! And we love these people with all our hearts!

Thank you for allowing us to serve the Lord in these ways!
We are ‪#‎ambassadorsofhope‬!!!